Veronica L. Horowitz



Courses Taught

Sociological Perspectives on the American Criminal Justice System

Summer 2016 and Fall 2015

Other Teaching Experience

Introduction to Sociology (Discussion Leader) Spring 2015

Crime On TV (TA), Fall 2014

Punishment and Corrections (TA), Spring 2014

Intro to the American Criminal Justice System (TA), Fall 2013

Selected Quotes From Student Evaluations

“Veronica was one of the best professors I have had the privilege to meet. She was very enthusiastic about the course and it made the classroom environment enjoyable and productive! You’re awesome and inspiring!”

“She used modern videos and other tools to engage students and make class more interesting and relevant.”

“She was open and respected all opinions. Topics were really interesting. Great instructor/course. Met outside of office hours/flexible.”


“Veronica is passionate about the topic of criminal justice and has really helped open my eyes to the problems that are currently manifesting. Students should definitely be highly encouraged if not mandated to take this course.”

“She was willing to go over material as many times as needed to make sure that everyone understood. Guest speakers were awesome to have – gave more depth to the material. Videos were also really helpful.”

“Allowed for stimulating conversation with many contacts, listened whenever anyone was talking, provided a light hearted atmosphere for extremely heavy topics, provided personal experiences in the matters, implemented multiple modes of media, provided comprehensive discussion of the readings, made it feel worthwhile to show up to class, the best undergraduate instructor I have had so far, thank you so much for all that you have done.”

“The class was taught in a great way, Veronica tried to engage everyone with the different realms of the criminal justice system. She encouraged diverse opinions and used her experiences to better our understanding. My favorite part about the class was the several guest speakers and the different perspectives and experiences they brought to our discipline of learning. She was awesome and 10/10 recommended.”